Spring Energy Gel – Real Food Sports Nutrition Gel for Endurance Exercise – No Sugar, Dairy, Artificial Flavors, or Preservatives

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Concerning Spring Power

Spring was started in 2014 with a strong idea that sports nourishment could be made with all-natural active ingredients. Food is an effective source of power and nature does not need to be dealt with in a research laboratory. We took just what is offered naturally and thoroughly crafted a line of nourishment items for endurance professional athletes. We wish to restore the pleasure of training and also racing without GI problems, sugar highs as well as dips and also adverse results of poor quality ingredients as well as chemicals. Our products are driven by scientific research, equipped with vast athletic experience, and inspired by enthusiasm for a healthy and balanced life style; we developed an unique formula for a 100% natural item. In addition to that, the preference is fantastic!

Our Gels Feature
Tons of Electrolytes to sustain future as well as grueling endurance occasions
Anti GI Formula to avoid unpleasant cramps as well as acid indigestion usual to other gels
Just Real Food means no fake things like maltodextrin, synthetic tastes, chemicals, or added sugar
Easy to Open Packaging built for the difficult workouts but still very easy to tear open with exhausted fingers

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